The Recombinant Reality


That reality is ambiguous and a byproduct of retina overload, suggests an inherent estrangement that artists strive to reconcile. A recombinant reality is reality processed and meditated, however indeterminately, beyond the real while possessing tangibility. “The Recombinant Reality” poses questions of epistemological urgency that characterize contemporary experience, in which a Cartesian world view no longer ensures comfort, and syllogistic reasoning finds no suitable dwelling. Heisenberg’s principle of indeterminacy and the birth of fuzzy logic laid the foundation for an elusive actuality and make-believe tangibility. The notion of space not only is a pure production, but also a transient fluidity that oscillates between the familiar and the estranged. This exhibition component identifies multiple directions in which mixed reality, virtual reality and acoustic environments reveal new types of reality that reshape our notion of existence.