Satellite Venues


Two satellite venues will complement the NAMOC main exhibitions. The Imperial City Art Museum, within fifteen minutes walking distance from NAMOC and a stone’s throw from Tiananmen Square, will host the Ars Animation Festival presented by Ars Electronica of Linz, Austria and the International Emerging Video Art Program presented by the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück, Germany. Simultaneously, the Arario Gallery, in conjunction with “Synthetic Times”, will organize a media art exhibition titled “Between the Light and the Dark: The False Coin of Chineseness” in its Jiou Cheng location.

Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City [BAMOIC] is a traditional and contemporary combined Art and Cultural institution. The museum is located in the west side of Chang Pu He Park in central Beijing, close to the famous Forbidden City. The main body of the museum is designed in the ‘Siheyuan’ style (courtyard – a traditional type of residence in Beijing, which has a 400-year history). The museum is divided into the upper floor and the lower floor, with the exhibition area totalling 2500 square meters. It was first established in June 2003, named Huangcheng Art Museum. Its function was to present Chinese traditional art from Beijing - the imperial city and the collections of the royal family. The museum’s collection covers the period from 500 years ago up to the present day.

In 2008, the museum is going to be transformed into a traditional and contemporary combined cultural institution, and the entire image of the museum will be changed at that point. The new museum’s outlook will take on a global angle. Part of the original function of the museum is to preserve traditional Chinese masterpieces. Now, we are also introducing contemporary art exhibitions, presenting international exchange programs, hosting talks and other art events. We are also exploring the role of museums and art institutions and their educational functions within the newly developed environment in China today.

Arario Gallery, Beijing
This well-known landmark of Chaoyang District, Beijing, "Jiuchang (liquor factory)" was built in 1975, and has newly developed in 2005 as complex dedicated to art. Within the complex, there are several local and international galleries together with almost 100 artists¡¯ studios, Sitting at its heart, ARARIO BEIJING comprises of 5 buildings, occupying 3,000 square meters in total, 20% of the whole complex. Among them, 3 gallery spaces (2,300 square meters) are dedicated solely for contemporary art exhibitions.

ARARIO BEIJING is a new branch of ARARIO in Korea, which was inaugurated in 1989 and has strived to host some of the most cutting edge exhibitions in Asia. Aiming to go one step further, ARARIO BEIJING will not only offer the international contemporary art experience, but also has a mission to promote and present contemporary Asian artists to a wider audience. Here, we wish to build up another platform where East and West can come together on an equal footing to actively create novel dialogues in the development of contemporary art.