Dr. Du Zhenjun's Anatomy Lesson


Du Zhenjun






Interactive Installation


The installation consists of a large screen with half a table affixed to it.

In the video, 8 Dr. Dus appear in the background, dressed in white coats and surrounding a table with a lifeless body lying on it, that of Mr. Du. The 8 Dr. Dus observe Mr. Du. That is the anatomy lesson.

In this image’s foreground, the real table virtually extends into the animation: a second Mr. Du lies down on it—half real, half virtual. When a viewer approaches the screen, his presence is detected and he is invited to become an “actor” in the lesson. The 8 Dr. Dus leave the background of the image and, in an orderly manner, station themselves in a half-circle around the first table. As long as the visitor remains there, the 8 Dr. Dus continue to look at him as if inviting him to take or give an anatomy lesson. If the visitor moves away, the 8 Dr. Dus also withdraw, returning to the background of the animation.


Du Zhenjun, Born in Shanghai, lives in Paris.
He has Diploma of Fine Arts /University of Shanghai, China and
Post-diploma (Master) of the Art Spaces / Numeriques Spaces / School of Fine Art of Rennes, France.

He has produced fifteen interactive multimedia installations, an opera, a multimedia theatrical performance.

He has had eight solo exhibitions and participated in over forty group exhibitions since 2000. Among them, « Ni dedans/ni dehors », Musée-châteur annecy, France. «Reactivity», [ICC] NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japon. “Too Heavy for Human Being”, La Conciergerie,paris. “Anatomization Lesson of Mr. Du”, Fine Arts College of Rennes, France. « Vom Funken Zum Pixel», Musée-Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin. « Shanghai earts Festival 2007», Shanghai. « Artrock » Musée de saint-Brieuc. France. «Crash teste Dummy», Muffathalle München & Archa-Theater Prag & Trafo Budapest . «From flash to pixel», shanghai zendai museum of modern art. Shanghai. “EXIT 2004”, France.
“Cinema of Future: Lille-2004 Capital of European Culture”France “Festival International Art Video in Casablanca”, Casablanca, Morocco. “Villette Number”, Sciences City, Paris. France. “Digital Crossover” Multimedia Festival, Muffathalle, München,Germany. “VideoBrazil International Electronic Art Festival’’, Säo paulo, Brazil. “Medi@terra’’ Athens, Greece.


Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, São Paulo Brazil.
Prize For all his interactive multimedia installation. Scam. Paris.
Prize interactive multimedia installation, Interferences - Festival International des arts multimedia, Belfort,2000.