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standard 20ft shipping container, human mortal remains, concrete, led matrix, linux software


MISSION ETERNITY is the latest project of net art pioneers etoy. Continuously developed since 2004, it claims to be a cult of the dead in the digital age of information technology. MISSION ETERNITY deals with existential topics, such as the conservation and loss of memory, the future, the present and the past, as well as life and death. These subjects are transferred into the language and images of information society with a provocative brazenness.

MISSION ETERNITY uses digital media and technology to allow its “pilots” life after their physical death and for them to travel in space and time forever. A comprehensive digitized portrait of the pilots is contained in “Arcanum Capsules” and consists of a multitude of elements. Enclosed are standard information such as name, date of birth and legal documents, as well as deeper insights into the pilots’ life, biography, consumer profile and social network. A visual part holds digital photos of the pilot, family and friends, a 360º scan portrait, video-footage and interviews. There are also audio elements such as voice samples of the pilot, family and friends, the pilots’ favorite music. Finally, there is a material part that contains certain objects, even his or her ashes if the pilot wishes so. The post mortem activity plan includes, for example, sms messages with a sending schedule to recipients of the pilot’s choice. The Sarcophagus serves as storage and transportation system for the remains of the pilots. It is designed to travel earth forever, together with millions of other containers, unleashed in the physical space of the globalized market like Internet packages.

MISSION ETERNITY is both shocking and fascinating – it is highly unusual in artistic, technological and social terms. It has a politely anarchic undertone and does not heed established forms of discourse form or content – yet it still has a deeply moving impact on the emotional plane.

Support by:
Pro Helvetia, LO Lista Office, Swiss Life, Migros Kulturprozent, Kanton/City of Zug


etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford or risk to go.

Founded in 1994, etoy.CORPORATION transforms the concept of artistic production and appearance in a world dominated by ambivalent parameters: mass production and consumption of information and goods, global transportation, branding, maximization of profits, growing complexity, technological penetration of life and virtualization.

While most successful artists, dealers and collectors depend on a game they tend to deny, superficially criticize or cynically celebrate, etoy does not play down the nature of art business or hide commerce behind radical chic. By registering, branding and protecting its identity as an abstract trade mark and by sharing its intangible value (pure art) in the form of stock, etoy puts the tools, vehicles and strategies of capitalism into the center of interest: 640'000 etoy.SHARES = 100% of etoy.CORPORATION = 100% of commercially available etoy.ART.

25 etoy.AGENTS work on the etoy.OEUVRE. The digital hijack, TOYWAR, etoy.SHARE, etoy.TANKS or the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS became art history but can not be purchased or collected in the traditional way. The work is available to the public online and widely discussed in art publications from MIT Press, Tate Publishing, Dumont, Gestalten Verlag, JRP Ringier or Birkhaeuser.

etoy.SHOWS since 1996: Palais de Tokyo Paris, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, ICC Tokyo, Helmhaus Zurich, Art en plein air Môtiers, ARCO, Madrid Abierto, BigTorino, Fondazione Pistoletto Biella, Ars Electronica Linz, Secession Vienna, Museum of Modern Art San Francisco, Art Museum San Jose, Postmasters New York, Armory Center for the Arts Pasadena and more.