Fear 9


Sissel Tolaas






Sensory/ Smell Installation

the FEAR of smell               the smell of FEAR

20 men (bodies), from 20 corners of the word, with completely different background, only one thing in common: THE FEAR OF OTHER BODIES for different extreme and less extreme reasons. (the project started 2000) These men were given a specific made electronic equipment This is a very small object, which the men can carry everywhere and any time. In those moment they were in a situation FEARing other bodies, for whatever reason, the put the equipment under the arms. The equipment registered the molecules of the respective sweat. This information was so used my me to simulate the respective sweat in my research lab (IFF re_searchLab, Berlin).
The sweat smells were then microcapsulated ( a nano technology which aloud the respective molecules to capsulated (enclose ) into micro unites, and only by touching so open them again.

FEAR 0 (sweat of a body who fear nobody)
FEAR 1 (sweat of a body who fear more one body)
FEAR 2 (sweat of a body who fear two bodies)
FEAR 3 (sweat of a body who fear two coloured and one white bodies)
FEAR 4 (sweat of a body who fear asian bodies in groups of 4)
FEAR 5 (swest of a body who fear of groups of 5 with mixed coloured bodies)
FEAR 6 (sweat of a body who is afraid of 6 people with coloured bodies.)
All in all 16 BODIES.

The nano technology microcapsulated sweat smells will be integrated into the white wall paint, transparent, so to say on the top of the surface of the already painted walls . Only by touching (the wall/the body) the smell can be released. The bodies will be placed next to each other without any clear borders, like one body next to another body.


Based in Berlin since 1987. Studied mathematics, chemical science, linguistics and languages, and visual art 1981 – 1988: Different national and international scholarships, honours and prizes. Working actively and concentrating on the topic of SMELL / SMELL & LANGUAGE - COMMUNICATON since 1990, within different sciences, fields of art and other disciplines. Collaborated with Cartier, Paris; Louis Vuitton, Tokyo; City Munich; Gardemoen Airport, Oslo; KPMG (law) Berlin; BBC Imagineering, London; Oxford University; NESTA, London; MIT Boston; Harvard University; DEKA Bank/Holdings Frankfurt;San Francisco Neurosciences Institute, SF ; Humbolt University Berlin, among others

Exhibitions in major international contexts, such as Biennials, museums and other professional institutions. Active participation in international colloquiums, conferences and networking. Advisor/consultant including BBC Imagineering, London; Sony Computer Science Lab, Paris; Max Planck Institute, Berlin etc.

Established the research lab IFF re_searchLab Berlin for smell & communication in Berlin in January 2004, supported by IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., New York).
Research on INVISIBLE COMMUNICATION & RHETORIC at Harvard Business School since October 2006.